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About my CD

"The songs on the CD Faith Hope and Love were written  over twelve years starting with “Forgive Me, Lord” in 1995.

I am very grateful for the tremendous help received from Vic Lyn, my daughter Valerie and her husband Terry Burman, Erika Torres and Tom Mavroidis who produced the photos and graphics. Thanks also to  Chris Cheong for taking some of the pictures displayed on the website. I also thank all those who encouraged me to make this CD.

I dedicate it to the two persons directly responsible for getting me started in music. First, to my departed father, Ralph Chin, who gave me my first musical instrument, a small church organ, when I was six years old and later arranged piano lessons for me. Secondly, to my dearest wife, Carmen, who gave me my first guitar on my 21st birthday and steadfastly supported me throughout my thirty years in liturgical music ministry. Without them, this CD  would not have been possible.

As you listen to these songs with your heart and mind in tune with a spirit of oneness with God and all His creation, may you be blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide and inspire you as faithful followers of our Lord, Jesus Christ."

Les - December 2007


"It was an honor to have collaborated with Les on the recording and production of his CD, "Faith, Hope and Love". It is a body of work that needed to be captured for us to enjoy today and for generations to come. His obvious reverence and dedication to the music and his ministry is truly heartwarming. He is a gifted liturgical singer, musician and songwriter and I wish him much  success and satisfaction in all his future works."

Vic Lyn - AVL Studios


"Hi Les, I love your website - Congratulations!         Copying the link to family.                                     Cheers!"

Jean Lowrie-Chin JP MA


"Hi Les. Good Job! Congratulations! Well done on the launch of your site. Gods blessings."

Audrey Lue


"Leslie. Had a look at your site. Its very well done indeed and the links very worthwhile sites as well. Thanks for adding ours."

Robbie Vernon - STGC








"May you be blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide and inspire you as faithful followers of our Lord, Jesus Christ".



My recorded media to date with background information.

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List of original songs I've written with the lyrics and message behind each song. Here you can click to listen to short sample clips.


Information on my bereavement and liturgical music ministries including how they evolved to this point in my life's journey.


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