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Album: Faith Hope and Love

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1.  We Come to You, Lord  Lyrics  Sample

I wrote this song as an entrance song for mass.   It expresses the purpose of people gathering together to celebrate mass i.e. to praise and thank God for his blessings, ask for help with our needs, acknowledge our dependence on his mercy and love, affirm our belief in the holy sacrament of the Eucharist, give praise for the Holy Spirits presence in our daily lives and confirm our belonging to the one family of Christ. The music is intended to create a joyful beginning to the mass celebration.


2.  The Lord is My Shepherd  Lyrics  Sample

A responsorial psalm for mass based on Psalm 23. 


3.  I Give My Life to You, O God  Lyrics  Sample

An offertory song for mass. It expresses a complete surrender to Gods will and a commitment to serve him and his people, especially those who are poor and suffering.         

4.  Forgive Me, Lord  Lyrics  Sample

This is the first song I wrote in 1995 and is based on my reflections on one of my favorite parables, the Prodigal Son.  It is about acknowledging our sins and seeking forgiveness.


5.  Hail Mary  Lyrics  Sample

This is a song to our Blessed Mother and is based on the Rosary prayer.


6.  In the Silence of the Night  Lyrics  Sample

A Christmas lullaby that relates to the birth of Jesus.


7.  Jesus is the Name of My Lord   Lyrics  Sample

Describes a very loving and caring relationship that Jesus offers to us when we accept him as our Lord and Savior.


8.  Teach Me, Lord  Lyrics  Sample

Expresses a yearning to live the way that Jesus wants us to live and to love him the way He loves us.


 9.  This is My Body  Lyrics  Sample

A communion song for mass.  I imagined Jesus himself celebrating mass and wrote the words that I think he might say during the consecration of the bread and wine. 


10. Jesus, I Trust in You  Lyrics  Sample

This song is the result of my reflections on the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy and relates to the close personal relationship with Jesus that flows from trusting completely in his mercy.


11. Do You Know  Lyrics  Sample

I imagined myself having a very personal conversation with God and wrote this song to express the words that I imagined Him saying to me.  The lyrics are a gentle reminder of Gods unconditional love for us and invite us to respond to His love without fear and to share our blessings with each other.


12. There is Room in My Heart  Lyrics  Sample

A song of praise and the lively music is meant to encourage hand-clapping and joyful singing.


13. Theres No One but Jesus The Lord Lyrics  Sample                                  

The message in this song is that we are all called by God to be His instruments in carrying out his work of peace and justice in the world.


14. Until Today  Lyrics  Sample

My present ministry is to provide support to bereaved families through my music.  I was inspired to write this song at a funeral service while I was listening to the speakers delivering the eulogies.  It is a song of farewell on behalf of the deceased person and I usually sing it as a post-communion song.


15. Lets Go   Lyrics  Sample

A recessional song for mass. The music is lively and invites people to participate freely and joyfully.  The lyrics summarize the mass experience and ends with a reminder of our one family relationship through Jesus and an exhortation to go and live in peace, love and harmony.







"May you be blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide and inspire you as faithful followers of our Lord, Jesus Christ".



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What is Liturgical music?

"Liturgical music originated as a part of religious ceremony, and includes a number of traditions, both ancient and modern. Liturgical music is well known as a part of Catholic Mass, the Anglican Holy Communion service (or Eucharist), the Lutheran mass, the Orthodox liturgy and other Christian services including the Divine Office. Such ceremonial music in the Judeo-Christian tradition can be traced back to both Temple and synagogue worship of the Hebrews.

The qualities that create the distinctive character of liturgical music are based on the notion that liturgical music is conceived and composed according to the norms and needs of the various historic liturgies of particular denominations."

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