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Faith Hope and Love            

(All songs written and performed by Leslie Chin)




Recording, mixing, sequencing: Vic Lyn            

Musical Arrangements: Vic Lyn, Leslie Chin                

Keyboards: Vic Lyn                                                   

Guitars: Leslie Chin, Vic Lyn, Valerie and Terry Burman

Vocals: Leslie Chin, Vic Lyn,  

          Valerie Burman, Terry Burman, Erika Torres         

Photos & Graphics: Tom Mavroidis                           

Produced by: Leslie Chin & Vic Lyn                         

Recording Studio: AVL Studios (Ajax, Ontario) Ontario)

Released: 2007



1 We Come to You, Lord

2 The Lord is My Shepherd

3 I Give My Life to You, O God

4 Forgive Me Lord

5 Hail Mary

6 In the Silence of the Night

7 Jesus is the Name of My Lord

8 Teach Me Lord

9 This is My Body

10 Jesus I Trust in You

11 Do You Know

12 There is Room in My Heart

13 Theres no one but Jesus the Lord

14 Until Today

15 Lets Go




"May you be blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide and inspire you as faithful followers of our Lord, Jesus Christ".



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